About Ametrine

Angie Alexander
Holistic Practitioner
B.Herbal Therapies, B.A (major Psychology)
Dip. R.M., Reiki Teacher (Usui)
Member of A.T.M.S.

Angie has been practicing natural therapies since 2000 when she completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage.  Prior to that she completed her Bachelor of Arts (major Psychology) at University of Newcastle and Bachelor of Herbal Therapies in 2006.  She is also a Reiki Teacher, Massage Therapist and Empath. She has been exploring the shift in consciousness that some people may be aware of, that is connected to reaching a higher level of understanding leading to changes in our minds, body and spiritual self.  She is assisting people with all aspects of this experience with energy healing, chakra balancing, counselling and teaching people how to discover their innate ability to heal themselves.  She has successfully been treating people for 15 years under the banner of Tranquil Rivers Natural Therapies. She also has knowledge of how crystals and gemstones can heal a myriad of physical, emotional and spiritual issues.

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Ametrine Holistic Medicine and Healing is the next phase in Angie’s journey to help people achieve physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. 

The attributes of the Ametrine gemstone encapsulate what Angie is offering to her clients.

Ametrine is natural crystal that is a combination of amethyst and citrine. The amethyst energy works very quickly to ease and release pain while the citrine energy encourages a feeling of well-being and mental focus. Ametrine is also known for its ability to stimulate creativity and to encourage you to take control of your own life. It may also promote flashes of inspiration and is ideal to wear or hold when taking stock and making decisions about your future. Ametrine assists in connecting to divine guidance and helps to manifest inspired ideas and information. It can also help to overcome the fear of action or moving forward or to being true to oneself.

Treating Mind, Body and Spirit

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Ametrine Holistic Medicine & Healing
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